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Board of Directors

Vice President Mary Sudar
Treasurer George Kanick
Secretary Barbara Lucich
Member at Large Mary Boer
Member at Large Gayle Holm
Member at Large David Lovrovich

Hall History

Founded in Old Tacoma in 1901 the Slavonian American Benevolent Society (SABS) was organized by a small group of immigrants. On Monday morning, October 31, 1906, at North 30th and Carr Street in Old Tacoma work began on the new Slavonian Hall and finished the following year.

The Slavonian Hall became the setting for many social gatherings including community meetings, bridals showers and countless wedding receptions, for the Tacoma families of Slavonian decent. During the first and second World Wars, members knitted socks, sweaters and caps for the American soldiers overseas. After the second World War, members gathered clothing and medical supplies to make up relief packages sent to relatives in the former Yugoslavia.

In the early days of the century, Tacoma's Old Town waterfront with its small businesses was the most active and colorful part of the cities history. The Old Town community was comprised of boarding houses, an outdoor bowling alley, a theater and many saloons.

Fish nets were stretched alongside the wharf in the vicinity of North 30th and Ruston Way. Sailing ships dominated the docks below Old Town and horse-drawn carriages on the streets above North 30th and McCarver.

In 1975 the Slavonian Hall was declared a National Historic Building, and is listed in the National Registry of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Through the years the area has changed leaving only a few old landmarks: St. Peter's Church and The Slavonian Hall. Old Town remains a close knit community, and the Slavonian Hall is still used year round by its members.